Who Are We?

We are Undefined but are defined purely by three words we live by to provide one of the finest culinary experiences Hamilton has to offer, and those words are: Eat, Drink, and Enjoy. These three simple words are what we wake up to every morning when we are preparing for a day of service, and it echoes in our hearts when executing the finishing touches on one of our dishes before it makes its way to you at your table.

Eating starts with a passion behind the plate; our experienced Chefs are not afraid to take something familiar and turn it into something wild and unique! If it tastes right, we’ll put it on a plate and serve you our passion. Our goal is to inspire you with our ever-changing menu and give you a unique experience with every visit you have with us at Undefined.

Drink. A first impression that lasts on the tongue, and we are not the ones to leave a bad taste in your mouth, Hamilton. That is why we knew the hardworking men and women of our city craved for the type of environment where they could lay their burdens to rest for a while, pull up a barstool, and drink a cocktail, a beer, or a glass of wine without judgment. Our offering includes a wide range of beautifully crafted cocktails, along with locally crafted and imported beer and wine that pairs beautifully with our unique cuisine.

Lastly, enjoy. Probably the most quintessential part of the entire experience we provide here at Undefined. Of course, there is no enjoying without eating or drinking, and there is no eating or drinking without enjoying. Are you still with us? Good. Enjoy, sparks from the memories you make with us in our tiny restaurant and the atmosphere that goes along with it, to the people you do that with, the food you eat, and the drink you drink; and without those elements, our restaurant wouldn’t be complete. So thank you for filling us up with joy as we fill you with our love and passion for food and drink.

Our Story

The Undefined concept was established in 2020 and born out of a time of uncertainty for many, but being the passionate and persistent hospitality folks that we are, we decided to take a leap of faith and create a haven for those seeking to eat, drink, and enjoy without the worry of what tomorrow will bring.

We want you to stop and smell the roses, so to speak, when you come to Undefined and appreciate all the things we all so willingly take for granted in life. Let yourself be engulfed by our modern and elegant atmosphere, have a cocktail or two, fill yourself with food made with love and passion, and enjoy celebrating momentous occasions, whatever they may be.

With an ever-changing menu inspired by our creative flair, culinary and mixology expertise, and a nod to some classic favourites from places you’re familiar with, we can make anything happen from our open kitchen and bar!

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